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Featured eco-business! There is less overtime and your private life is also fulfilling! You can drive Medium-sized / large-sized vehicles for waste collection. Access from
Kamogawa/ Yasuda Station by car is good ◎
Employment form: Full-time employee

◆ What kind of work do you do?
Collect and transport industrial waste from construction sites, etc.
The main work is at our facility.

Uses heavy machinery and machinery.
Our senior employees will teach you the work contents from the beginning for facility work.
There is almost no overtime, and private life is also fulfilling!

We drive medium to large dump trucks, arm roll trucks, etc.
Drivers in their 20's and 50's are welcome!
If you have experience as a driver, we welcome you as an immediate force!
In addition, we will assist those who wish to acquire related qualifications!

* Required license / qualification Medium-sized driver's license or higher

* Application High school graduate or above is granted.

We are waiting for bright and healthy people ♪

Thank you for your contact

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